The Nevis Limited Liability company (LLC) provides more confidentiality, more flexibility, more transparency and more advantages for the corporate and individual user. It is a business entity that provides an alternative to those who might consider using corporations or partnerships.


  • Simple Corporate Compliance

Unlike other jurisdictions a Nevis LLC does not have to face compulsory audits, and corporate compliance is kept to a minimum. There are comparably few company records to be maintained also.

  • Single-Member LLC’s

A distinct advantage of a Nevis LLC is the ability to incorporate with a single member.

  • No Resident Directors

A Nevis LLC can be formed without provision for obligatory resident directors.

  • Privacy

The Confidential Relations Act of 1985 guarantees the confidentiality of Nevis companies and bank accounts. The only document that needs to be filed with the government is the annual corporate license containing minimal information.

  • Strong Asset Protection

A Nevis LLC is ideal for asset protection purposes since there are no shares that can be attached by a court of law.

  • Backed by strong laws

Nevis is a common law jurisdiction with LLC statues.

A Nevis LLC can be set up within 24 hours and has low initial cost and low annual fees. For more detailed information about Nevis LLCs please contact us.