The Financial Services Regulatory Commission presents the 14th annual AML/CFT Conference March 11th and 12th at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis. This year’s theme is ‘Conquering the Compliance Divide: Effective vs. Defective – Bridging the Gap in Today’s Regulatory Environment’.

 This year’s conference includes a special masterclass delivered by Robert Mazur the New York Times bestselling author. This Masterclass is presented in two sessions sharing in-depth knowledge about money laundering methods. Mr. Mazur will also discuss and expand upon events from his book ‘The Infiltrator’ and participate in a book signing.

Outside of this masterclass, other important topics will be brought to light and focused upon, namely;

  • Beyond Technical Compliance: Assessing AML/CFT Effectiveness in the context of your jurisdiction and your institution’s operations’
  • ‘The Importance of Beneficial Ownership Information in the AML/CFT Framework-Unmasking/Detecting the Benefactors and Beneficiaries in ML/TF Schemes’
  • ‘Achieving Effectiveness Through Strategic and Proactive Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery Orders’
  • ‘Case Study on Confiscation Lessons Learnt’
  • ‘Terrorist and Proliferation Financing’

 Another exciting component of the event will be the “Profits vs Compliance: A profitable Business and a Sound Compliance Program are not Mutually Exclusive.” Debate. The participants will consist of experts from the banking sector and legal profession providing wonderful insights.

 There are so many wonderful reasons to come and visit the conference this year. Please register here.