Nevis, Cultivating Foreign Direct Investment

The guiding pillars of Nevis are Accountability, Efficiency, Integrity and Vigilance. Such noteworthy tenets have served Nevis well in attracting foreign direct investment. So much so that the island of Nevis has been awarded the title of Best International Financial Centre Services Destination in the Caribbean by the Global Banking & Finance Review on a number of occasions.

The Government of Nevis supports foreign direct investment particularly into priority sectors including financial services, tourism and sports, agriculture and agro-processing, information technology, light manufacturing, education services, and renewable energy. The government has instituted a number of investment incentives for businesses encouraging both domestic and foreign private investment. This progressive government permits foreign investors to hold up to 100% of an investment and by guaranteeing that there are no restrictions on the repatriation of profits. Corporate tax rates have been reduced from 35% to 33% and there is full tax exemption for 15 years on all profits for companies who qualify. There is NO income tax, NO capital gains tax, NO wealth tax, NO death duty or inheritance tax.

The outlook remains bright

Nevis has proven itself time and time again becoming an international financial center of great repute. There are many reasons to invest in Nevis and take advantage of the investment opportunities at hand. Nevis, as always, is open for business. For more information please contact us.