Nevis has positioned itself as a leading medical tourism destination within the region and remains open to additional health opportunities. The implementation of medical tourism on the Island has been fully backed by the government as the federation seeks to contribute to the global demand for these medical services.

Medical tourism represents a dynamic example of the trans-nationalization of health care. This is an area that has been profoundly transformed through new knowledge, communication, transport, tourism and biotechnology. The number of tourists travelling in order to receive treatment is increasing vastly every year. 

The direct and indirect benefits of medical tourism are emphatic. The industry is leading to growth in medical tourism destinations in terms of employment opportunities and development of healthcare. While patients can benefit greatly from the advanced quality of care and affordable prices, hospitals and medical tourism destinations can also gain from this burgeoning industry.

Nevis focuses on regenerative medicine and provides services of selective non-complicated general bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic/cosmetic surgery and dental surgery, alongside post sub-acute care rehabilitation. These services are of the highest quality and provided by the joint skills and talents of Caribbean physicians, nurses, therapists and service personnel. For more detailed information please contact us.