Nevis has almost 35 years experience as an International Financial Centre (IFC) and is recognized worldwide for its accountability, efficiency, integrity and vigilance. The federation has been one of the leading performers in the Caribbean in macroeconomic and fiscal performance generating steady growth. Nevis is your gateway to peak returns, strategic market access and investment opportunities. Here are six reasons why Nevis is so attractive for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI);

  1. Legislation and Democracy

Nevis has a stable political environment and considerable autonomy in its legislative branch and readily welcomes foreign direct investment. The stable government of Nevis offers flexible and unique legislation.

  1. Strategic Location

Nevis has a complimentary time zone in relation to the U.S. and Europe. Also easy to access from North America and Europe. Right now, Nevis is more connected than ever. Nevis is also a beneficiary of the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI), which grants duty-free entry into the United States for many goods.

  1. Qualified Workforce

Nevis has a labour force of approximately 5,000. Most of the professionals have been trained in the Caribbean, the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom prior to returning to Nevis to work.

  1. Professionalism

There are over 50 qualified trust and asset management companies and registered agents with expertise in law, accounting, banking, taxation and finance. The incorporation process for IBCs, Trusts, LLCs, Foundations and Captives/Insurance entities is fast and there is high quality service as international best practices are adhered to. Government fees in Nevis are comparable with other high-end jurisdictions.

  1. Quality of Life

Nevis is one of the most unspoilt in terms of natural beauty and one of the most relaxing islands in the Caribbean. Thus has become an upscale tourist destination. The pollution index is almost zero, the climate is tropical and the landscapes are stunning. On top of all this are world-class accommodation facilities and telecommunication facilities, and generous tax incentives.

  1. Incentives

Nevis offers a generous fiscal incentives package for investments. There is no personal income tax in Nevis. Corporate tax is 33% of net profits and qualified companies enjoy full exemption from taxes on corporate profits for a period not exceeding 15 years. Corporate tax does not apply to exempt companies or to enterprises that have been granted tax concession. There is also full exemption on import duty.

Nevis has become an emerging ‘hot spot’ for investors who are seeking stability and competitive returns on investments. Find out if this established international financial centre is the right move for you, Contact us