The island is, located at 17.1500° N, 62.5833° W is 200 miles Southeast of Puerto Rico (1 hour flight time), 1,000 miles South of Miami (3 hours flight time), 1,700 miles from New York (4 hours flight time), 2,500 miles from Toronto (5 hours flight time) and 4,000 miles from London (8 hours flight time).

Renowned for its beautiful mountain scenery, the island is dominated by Nevis Peak, which rises to a height of 3,232 feet in the center of the island and is invariably covered with clouds. The island is encircled by miles of breathtaking palm-fringed beaches that are clear, calm and pristine. The island is also graced with a lush tropical rain forest that complements the beauty of the coastline and provides eco-tourism lovers with an opportunity for adventure.