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Obtaining or Renewing a business licence from the Inland Revenue Department

Step 1: Application is first made at the Ministry of Finance by filing out the standard application form along with (2) valid International picture ID's (Passport, Social Security or Driver's Licence)

Step 2: The application form is sent to the Inland Revenue Department to follow the process of tax checks and tax application per business type then sent back to Ministry of Finance.

Step 3: The Ministry will conduct their due diligence checks and respond to the applicant via mailing service to inform them of the approval officially. (or possibly calling them to collect the application once approved)

Step 4: After receiving the approval the applicant is required to Visit the Inland Revenue Department to make payment, go through a brief advisory interview on the requirements of being a part of the Tax Roll

Step 5: Payment is made at the Payments Unit and certificate is given to taxpayer.

Contact: 869-469-5856 or 869-469-5521 ext 5011/5012